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Power Tap Clogging



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Program Description:

        Our Power Tap (Clogging) competition teams are a mix of high energy, intensity, hard work and FUN. Our Power tap style is a fusion of tap dancing, Canadian Step Dancing, Irish Hard Shoe, street and hip-hop style. But also the traditional clogging style that is performed by teams today. Our focus is technique,
sound, rhythm, high energy, showmanship and having lots of fun. 
       Power tap teams compete at 3 local power Tap competitions each dance season.
  Our Power Tap instructor holds many state and national titles and we are honored to have her influence, style and strong teaching techniques in our program.




  • Teams: Intermediate, Advanced & Championship

  • Weekly Time Commitment: 1 -1.5 Hours/Week

  •  Choreography/Technique Class

  • Routines: 2 - 3 routines; Show, Line & Open

  • All Around Solos 

  • Competitions: 3 Local


  • Teams: Novice-Beginning

  • Weekly Time Commitment: 1 Hour/Week

    • 1 Choreography/Technique Class

  • Routines: 1-2 Routines

  • All Around Solos

  • Competitions: 3 Local



  • $50 Due on the 1st of Each Month from Sept 2023-May 2024


Mandatory Supply Fees - 

  • $100 Deposit Due on the 1st of July 2023

  • $60-$70 Due on the 20th of Each Month in Aug 2023-Nov 2023 & Jan 2024-Feb 2024 

  • Includes:

    • Competition Fees for THREE Power Tap Competitions

    • Costume Fees for One Costume

    • Choreography Fee

    • Manager/Coaches Fee For Each Event

    • All around Solos Rehearsal's/Critique Fee

    • Spring Recital Fee​​

Other Mandatory Fees:

  • Annual Registration Fee = $40

    • Due upon Enrollment

  • All Arounds Summer Camp = $75

    • Date: August  7- 11, 2023 

  • White Clogging Shoes

  • The following items are available in the Studio Store for new students or to replace worn items for existing students (the following prices do not reflect tax):

    • Studio Makeup Kit = $38.75

    • Studio Jacket & Pants = $85-$115 Depending on Sizes

    • Ordered Through the Spirit Wear Link by September 15th, 2023

    • Team Turner Shoes = $24- Any Other Shoes/Socks Needed for Costumes

    • Team Tights = $9-$11

    • Earrings = $8

    • Rhinestone Hair Band=$8

***Fundraisers are offered throughout the year to assist in all costs.***


Power Tap Description
Power Tap At-a-Glance
Power Tap Tuition & Fees
Power Tap Register

New to  Competition Teams?

Auditions are being held in May & June for the 2023-2024 dance year.



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