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Program Description:

                                                Our focus at Project Dance is and always will be quality!!                                       


We couldn’t be more delighted by our expansive and cutting-edge tumbling curriculum taught by our

immensely experienced and certified staff. This program was inspired not only from years of training from our highly qualified staff but also derived from the tested and tried internationally acclaimed Acrobatic Arts
program that focuses also on strength, flexibility, limbering and balance.                                                             


PD’s tumbling program is a more traditional tumbling program focusing on the fundamental skills such as
cartwheels, roundoffs, back and front walkovers, standing back handsprings, roundoff back
handsprings, standing back tucks, side and front aerials and everything in between. Other important
attributes of the program are detail in technique, safety, Injury prevention, flexibility, power skills and
variations of skills that create artistry and diversity in our treasured students. All tumbling skills are taught and executed on high quality mats to ensure the safety and stability of both students and instructors.


Our tumbling program has a 6-8 teacher: student ratio

ensuring that each student receives as much hands -on training as possible.


For the most quality progression of our students and for the best tuition value for our parents, Project Dance strongly encourages each student to participate in two or more tumbling classes each week.      This will ensure a safe and active progression of desired skills.


***Based on parent feedback, we anticipate these classes filling up to capacity quickly.  We strongly recommend beginning the enrollment process for your student promptly upon registration opening on this website mid-June 2021. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on upcoming registration  (link)


Our Tumbling and Acrobatic Program is divided by 5 comprehensive levels.  A brief
description of each level is included below to assist parents in choosing the correct level when registering your student. After your student attends their chosen class, if your students teacher feels they were not       accurately placed, our office will contact you with options for the best fit.   

If you are unsure of your child's placement after reading the description's below, feel free to contact the office at (801) 254-8925 and a staff member will assist you. In some cases, we may recommend a trial class in order for a tumbling instructor to evaluate the correct placement for your student.       

Level 1- Your student is a first time tumbler and at beginners level.

Your student may struggle with flexibility, strength and/or general coordination.
They cannot do a solid cartwheel or straight handstand unassisted.


Level 2- Your student has a solid cartwheel on their strong side and is working on their weaker side.
Your student can also demonstrate a bridge kick-over unassisted, with average technique.


Level 3- Your student can do a front and back walkover with average technique and a hurdle
roundoff. Your student is working on a side aerial and a standing back handspring.

Level 4- Student can do a side aerial on one side and a standing back handspring unassisted with
average technique.


Level 5- Student is working on a front aerial, weaker side aerial, round back handspring, standing
back tuck and a back layout.


Day Program
Project Dance offers both morning and early afternoon TUMBLING classes. This program is our
most popular program because we offer dance classes back to back during the day separated by
level and age.


Preschool and kindergarten students are separated into two different tumbling classes.
Certified and experienced teachers in our day TUMBLING program love working with younger ages
and are very skilled at class management, safety and positive reinforcement. Students will not only
learn awesome tumbling skills but they will be learning proper form/technique. Students will also
learn to work with others by demonstrating proper class etiquette, how to stay positive and hard work
ethic. Students in this program are evaluated twice a season to track progression and growth.


Please follow the guidelines below when registering
for the TUMBLING program.

Preschool Level 1- Students must be 3-4 years old and be ok with being without mom or dad. This
tumbling class is geared towards our youngest beginners or “first timers”. They will be working on
locomotor skills, class etiquette, how to follow instructions along with somersaults, baby bridge,
handstands against the wall, pre- cartwheel and other various skills that they will need to be able to
execute for Preschool Level 2.

Preschool Level 2- Students must be 4 in August and turning 5 years old during the tumbling season.
Students will be learning right and left cartwheels, handstands, bridge, bridge kick over and many other
skills. They will also be focusing on strength, balance and flexibility exercises throughout the season.

Kinder Level 1- Students must be 5 in August and turning 6 during the tumbling season. Students will
be learning right and left cartwheels, handstands, bridge, bridge kicker over, handstand bridge
and many other skills. They will also be focusing on strength, balance and flexibility exercises throughout
the season.

Kinder Level 2- Students must be 5 in August and turning 6 during the tumbling season. Students must
have a strong “good side” cartwheel, working on “weaker side: cartwheel, a solid handstand, a bridge
with their weight shifted over armpits and bridge kick over with little to no spot. The tumbling season will
consist of focusing on solid back and front walkover with beautiful technique, back walkovers and back
handsprings along with many other skills. They will be focusing on strength, balance and flexibility
exercises throughout the season as well.

What to expect when registering for our Tumbling Program:

Twice per season, all tumbling students will be evaluated in class by their instructors to track progression and growth throughout the year.

Your student will progress quickly if they are regularly attending class and practicing DAILY at home.

You will see a difference!

If your students teacher feels your child is ready to move up to the next level during the season, the office will contact you.

Class fill up quickly, so again, do not delay registering.

Registration will be made available June of 2021

All students MUST wear a leotard or biketard to class with hair pulled up. Bare, clean feet. Leotards available for purchase in our main office.




Register Online for the 2021-2022 Tumbling Season




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Studio Office Hours: Monday - Thursday from 4-8pm


** 2 Weeks Written Notice to Withdraw from ANY Class Hand Delivered to the Director. Tuition or Supply Fees will not be reimbursed as stated in the Policies & Procedures contract. A drop fee of $50 will apply for any classes dropped after September 6th, 2021.**

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