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Program Description:

          This is for our kindergarten novice team that desires more performance opportunity but not the commitment of the evening Jr-Prep competition schedule. Students will be required to take two 45 minute dance classes weekly plus an acro class. The two 45 minute classes include choreography and a ballet/jazz technique class and the other class is an one hour acro class. Dance and acro will be held back to back, during the day. A common added class for our Tiny Tots team for only $20/month is a second acro class a week. AM or PM hours will be determined yearly. 

          Tiny Tots dancers will be required to attend summer intensives to create a small technique

foundation before the season begins in the fall. Tiny Tots will also compete at four local competitions and will compete in one genre, jazz. They will also perform at the spring recital. This team is always a crowd favorite!
           Our Tiny Tots program provides a fun, positive and structured, interactive class that builds coordination, physical strength as well as social skill and confidence. Staff members are trained to accommodate the specific needs of a young dancer to help them in their 1st steps towards development as a life long student at Project Dance. 

Please visit our audition schedule, if your student is new to the our dance teams


  • Teams: Tiny Tots 

  • Weekly Time Commitment: 2.5 Hours/Week

    • 1 Choreography Class (45 Minutes)

    • 1 Ballet/Jazz (45 Minutes)

    • 1 Acro Class (1 Hour)

  • Routines: Jazz

  • Competitions: 4 Local

  • Required Summer Intensives: 5 days, 4 hours each

    • 6 days offered, Choose 5 From the Schedule

    • Summer Intensives Tuition Is Due Upon Registration

  • Highly Recommend Additions:

    • Additional Tumbling Class​



  • $77 Pro-rated (Based on 2 or 3 Classes in Aug)  Due on the 1st of August 2021

  • $77 Due on the 1st of Each Month from Sept 2021-May 2022

  • Includes:

    • Monthly Tuition for Required Dance Classes


Mandatory Supply Fees:

  • $100 Deposit Due on the 1st of July 2021

  • $48 Due on the 20th of Each Month in Aug 2021-Nov 2021 & Jan 2021-Feb 2022

  • Includes:

    • Choreography Fees

    • Competition Fees

    • Costume Fees

    • Manager/Coach Fees

  • $45 Year End Spring Recital Fee Due on the 20th of October 2021​


Other Mandatory Fees:

  • Summer Intensive Fees = $175 for 5

    • Due Upon Enrollment of Summer Intensives 2021

  • Annual Registration Fee = $40

    • Due upon Enrollment of Summer Intensives 2021

  • Studio Makeup Kit* = $38.75 

    • Available in Studio Store

  • Studio Jacket = $85-$115 Depending on Sizes

    • Ordered Through Spirit wear Link by September 15th, 2021

  • Team Turner Shoes* = $23 

    • Available in the Studio Store

  • Team Tights* = $9-$11, Earrings =$8, Rhinestone hair band=$5

    • Available in the Studio Store


*Required for new students or if you need to replace a worn out item. **Prices above do not include tax.


***Studio offers MANY fundraisers throughout the year to assist in all costs***


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Auditions are being held in June for the 2021-2022 dance year.



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