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Auditions are being held in May & June for the 2023-2024 dance year.



Junior Elite



Junior Elite Description

Program Description:

          Jr. Elite Program is geared towards our intermediate/beginning dancers. Dancers that want to receive quality training in ballet, jazz technique, artistry, performance skills and acro, will thrive in this program. This program is serious about planting a firm foundation in proper dance technique for their future as a competitive dancer. 

          With a well diversified weekly schedule, this dancer's dedication, and willingness to practice at home, this dancer will progress at a quicker pace. His/her weekly schedule will consist of two ballet classes from knowledgeable and highly experienced staff that have instilled the passion and love for ballet. They understand how to keep the dancer motivated and challenged while the student learns to appreciate the foundation of dance. Students will also have a required jazz technique class, choreography class and an acro class instructed by highly trained and qualified staff members.

          Dancers will compete in two genres, jazz and lyrical at four local competitions. We bring in professional choreographers to teach their competition material. Our dancers in this program will also attend Summer Slam Dance Camp with an amazing staff. This camp is generally held in late July at Riverton High School. It’s a three day commuter camp.

          We take our dancer's progression very seriously. Our dancers will be evaluated twice a year to track their progress and to assist them to improve upon their weaker areas. Collaboration between teachers for individual students also ensures this progression.

          This program requires dancers to attend 7 days of the 15 days offered in June summer intensives. This flexibility allows your family to have the freedom to choose what days work best for your summer vacation schedule. 

           If you are new to our studio, visit “audition schedule” so your dancer knows when to attend auditions. Following auditions we will inform your dancer how many intensive days are required for them to attend depending on which program they make. Dancers that do not participate in the summer intensive program will not be allowed to compete the following dance season with us.

          Project Dance is not only committed to developing great dancers, we are passionate about the growth of the individual! Students learn teamwork, discipline, importance of hard work and dedication, and responsibility all while training in a challenging and fun environment.



  • Weekly Time Commitment: 6 Hours/Week

    • 1 Ballet Classes (1 Hour/Week)

    • 2 Jazz Technique Class (2.5 Hours Total)

    • 1 Competition Choreography Class (1.5 Hours)

    • 1 Acro Class (1 Hour)

  • Routines: Lyrical & Jazz

  • Competitions: 4 Local

  • Dance Camp: Required Summer Slam

    • Date: July 17th-19th, 2023 

    • Location: Corner Canyon High School

  • Optional Dance Conventions: $275-$300 Each​

    • EPIC Convention​- $255

      • Sign Up Due in July 2023

      • September 29th & 30th, 2023

      • Davis Conference Center

    • Spring Conventions​

      • Sign Up Due in August 2023

  • Required Summer Intensives: 7 to 8 Days, 4 Hours Each

    • 15 Days Offered, Choose 7 to 8 From the Schedule

    • Summer Intensives Tuition Is Due Upon Registration

  • Highly Recommend Extra Classes:

    • Power Taps Team

    • Hip Hop Team

    • Additional Tumbling Class


  • $150 Due on the 1st of Each Month from August 2023-May 2024

  • Includes:

    • Monthly Tuition for Required Dance Classes

    • Does Not Include Tuition for Required Hip Hop  /Power Tap Team for Jr Elite 2

Mandatory Supply Fees:

  • $200 Deposit Due on the 1st of July 2023

  • Jr Elite- $110 Due on the 20th of Each Month in Aug 2023-Nov 2023 & Jan 2024-Feb 2024

  • Includes:

    • Choreography Fees

    • Competition Fees

    • Summer Slam Dance Camp-( For Jr Elite)

    • Three Conventions ( For Jr Elite 2)

    • Costume Fees

    • Manager/Coach Fees

    • Rehearsal/Critique Fee

    • Spring Recital Fee


Other Mandatory Fees:

  • Summer Intensive Fees = $315 for 7 $360 for 8

    • Due Upon Enrollment of Summer Intensives 2023

  • Annual Registration Fee = $40

    • Due Upon Enrollment of Summer Intensives 2023

  • The following items are available in the Studio Store for new students or to replace worn items for existing students (the following prices do not reflect tax):

    • Studio Makeup Kit = $38.75

    • ​Studio Jacket & Pants = $85-$115 Depending on Sizes

    • Ordered Through the Spirit Wear Link by September 15th, 2023

    • Team Turner Shoes = $24- Any Other Shoes/Socks Needed for Costumes

    • Team Tights = $9-$11

    • Earrings = $8

    • Rhinestone Hair Band=$8

***Fundraisers are offered throughout the year to assist in all costs.***


Register Online for the 2023-2024 Dance Year

Junior Elite At-a-Glance
Junior Elite Tuition & Fees
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swapp family-0006

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studio project dance-0032

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studio project dance-0021

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