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What are the steps to joining a competition team? 
First, read through our competition team pages and find out what is required of our competition dancers and what program would be appropriate for your dancer this year.

If you are new to Project Dance you will also need to create an ONLINE account.
Second, your dancer needs to AUDITION. To find out more about AUDITIONS, click here.
Third, you will sign up for Required Summer Intensives. To enroll in Summer Intensives go to: Your Account. Login to see the schedule and enroll.
Fourth, placement will be determined by the end of July and you will be notified which team your dancer is on at that time.
Fifth, the new dance semester for competition students, tumbling and power tap officially starts on August 15th, 2022. Recreation & Twirl students will begin on September 6th, 2022.
Competition Team Programs:

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