Meet Lisa Timothy      Owner of Project Dance

Lisa owned and taught dance for a highly reputable dance studio called Dance Attack for 30 years with her mom and family. When she sold in 2006 to spend time with her family she had over 600 students and had helped lead the studio to many prestigious awards along with her mom and sisters. Lisa along with her old studio had the honors to perform in many places such as cruise ships, Disneyland, Disney World, TNT Nashville Now, Hee Haw TV show, Miss America Pageant festivities, Super bowl 1995 and The New York Celebration Parade. She also has an extensive choreography background as well. She was on the Choreography team for the opening ceremonies for the 2002 winter olympics for the clogging section. She got to work with amazing choreographers such as; Kenny Ortega and Paul Winkleman. She has choreographed many large productions for Merrill Osmond for TV shows, concerts and she is currently one of the directors for the Merrill Osmond Youth Pioneer Production. She is a member of The America On Stage Hall of Fame. She has a diverse background in jazz, power tap, clogging, ballet, lyrical, and hip hop. She started the Dance Force studio over 6 yrs. ago and it has grown so much that her house is full of fun, talented dancers every week that she loves so much!!!  She loves the business end of a dance studio and working with the kids to improve on the skills and learn to love dance.