Wasatch Savings Books

DUE Date: 2017, TBD
Starting on October 10th, your student can come into the studio and checkout (borrow) one Wasatch Savings book to show to family and friends in hopes of selling a few. They are $25.00 a piece and $12.50 of that goes to your child's account here at Project Dance and More. If you do not sell a book, but check one out, please return that book by October 24th or you will be charged for it.
  • Collect Money When Orders Are Taken
  • Cash and Checks Made Out to Dancer
  • Make ONE Check Payable to: PROJECT DANCE
  • Return ONE Check Plus Order Form On Time!
  • Dancers Will Earn $12.50 Per Book Sold
  • If you sell a book, you may come in and pay for it and check out another, but only one book is checked out at a time and the other has to be paid for.

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