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Coca-Cola & Swig Fundraiser

September 19th - October 4th, 2017

Timeframe: The students will have two weeks to sell. Please have the people you sell to make the check out to you and then you will write one check to Project Dance for total amount of items you sell. There are also sheets and papers available at studio to pick up so you can show the customer's what they are. THIS IS REALLY A GREAT FUNDRAISER FOR YOUR STUDENT.

Project Dance Fundraiser FAQ


  • What size are the bottles of Coca-Cola products?

    • The soda options are 16 oz. bottles, Dasani water is 16.9 oz. bottles, Powerade options are 20 oz. bottles and Tum-E Yummies are 10.1 oz.

  • Are Dr. Pepper & Diet Dr. Pepper options?

    • Yes! Please see the updated sales sheet.

  • Are the Swig cookies frozen?

    • Yes, they do come frozen and will stay good in the freezer for up to 6 months.

  • How long after the fundraiser will the products be delivered or ready for pickup?

    • The Swig cookies will be ready for pick-up within a week of the final order being placed. WOW!

    • Unfortunately, Coca-Cola can’t give us an exact date, but has estimated it will be approx. a couple weeks after the final order.

  • What will our earnings/credit be for selling?

    • It varies by fundraiser, individual products and sometimes by # of items sold. For information specific to the current fundraiser(s) please reference the materials posted online and in the studio. Please note – these profit amounts do not take into account any tax that will have to be paid out of the studio’s overall profits, so final credit totals may vary slightly.

  • Are you going to be offering any other fundraisers this year/season?

    • Yes!  We will be doing at least 2 more this year, the Wasatch Savings Pass books in October and Lehi Roller Mills in November.  We will keep you posted on any others as they come up.

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